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I finished a long, drawn out project at work today (and the 2nd one should be done tomorrow as well) so I decided on a yummy glass of bubly when I got home. Plus I have a week of vacation in Tahoe to look forward to starting Saturday so I opened a bottle I have had for over a year (wth?)

Not a “fancy” bottle at all. Bought it at a tasting at K&L Wines last spring:


It was a clear favorite then as you can tell by my highly sophisticated note-taking and rating :) “-Cremant de Limoux Rosé Antech “Emotion” (Limoux, FR) *very good*”

I really, really like this one. Not too dry, not sweet and the bottle is pink-ish! That’s some kind of perfect at this price point!($14.99 – cheap!)

I highly recommend it :)

Now….back to watching the season finale of Merlin which is CRAZY!!!!!!!!!!!! Camelot CAN NOT fall!

Very excited! I ordered the “Camelot” soundtrack from Amazon this weekend. It’s the original Broadway version so Richard Burton as Arthur, Julie Andrews as Guinevere and Robert Goulet as Lancelot. I had this on cassette (whoa) when I was a kid/teenager and listened to it constantly. If you’ve read my blog, you know of my love for all things Arthurian (and NOT Kennedys’ Camelot – blech!) I recently ordered the DVD of the Broadway version they taped for HBO in the 80s with Richard Harris as Arthur. He really is fantastic in the role. His final speech is amazing. I would have LOVED to see that live. I remember watching the HBO play/movie over and over as a kid after taping (yes, with a VCR!) it. I know the words to all of these songs by heart. And pretty much all of the dialogue from the play. (this is the one:)

I got into a show tunes mood after seeing “Wicked” in SF a couple weeks ago. Loved this show! Great (and very crafty) story! Been listening to the soundtrack this week. My favorite song is definitely “Defying Gravity”. That was such a great part of the show.

I was listening to my “Love” soundtrack this weekend. Not really a play – but quite a production! Saw this in Vegas last year – LOVED it! And I am not really a Cirque de Soleil fan. Have seen 4 different ones. They are OK – but sometimes way too out there for me. But “LOVE” was FANtastic! Of course, I am a huge Beatles fan so was very much into the music.. Sucks you in – very powerful production I thought.

Have also been listening to my “Moulin Rouge” soundtrack. I really, really liked this movie. And some of the songs on the soundtrack are just so good (minus the poppy “Lady Marmalade” Meh.) Nicole’s “One Day I’ll Fly Away” is great. The “Elephant Love Medley” is awesome (with lines from many Beatles songs!) Also really like “Complainte de la Butte” by Rufus Wainwright. And I don’t really like the French or most things French (champagne and cheese are exceptions.) But he makes this sound so very….you know…very swoony… But “Come What May” is my all-time favorite – can listen to it over and over (me=hopeless romantic softie…) Great scene in the movie too…I can say this is definitely when I developed my crush on Ewan and not seeing him as Obi-Wan :)

So now I want to see another play in SF! I always forget how much I thoroughly enjoy going to the theater. Husband is not a huge fan so have missed out on some good ones that came through SF. No more – going without him from now on! I remember going to local plays when friends of mine were in them. I loved those too! Seeing a play is like being invited into the world where it is going on. I always love that feeling. Different than going to the movies for sure.

Need to start paying attention to what is coming to town!