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Just watched the season finale of Boardwalk Empire. I can say I don’t think I will like the show much anymore. And to say this episode borrowed HEAVILY from The Godfather would be a massive understatement. I was just waiting for the priest to ask Nucky if he renounced Satan.

Jimmy was my favorite character on the show. Sadly, he reminded me of my brother. A good, smart kid with bad parental guidance who made some bad decisions sometimes which ended up haunting him in ways I just don’t relate to but tried. Plus I think the floppy hair :) Jimmy had a LOT more weird issues. But I always liked him. I saw a tweet on Sunday after it ran on the East Coast that said RIP Jimmy. And I knew I didn’t want to watch it. I kinda knew how it was going to go after last week’s disturbing episode. I saw that train wreck coming last season! YUCK! Husband asks how do I spot these things so far in advance? Not sure. Overactive imagination? Should worked in da pictures kid.

But this? Jimmy was such a main character. 2nd main character of the show.  How could they kill him? Now I know.  And I now officially hate Nucky. I always liked him. No more. Hopefully his lying piece of crap brother betrays him once again and he realizes what an idiot he was. Of course, these are fake people that I’m getting all worked over. Well, actually they are not but I am assuming we don’t know their day to day troubles from the 20s.  I commented to my husband mid-way through the season that all of Jimmy’s gang were famous gangsters – Al Capone, Lucky Luciano, Meyer Lansky. But no Jimmy. So it didn’t look good for him long-term. But I hoped. Husband reminded me of that as we started this episode.

But Jimmy was basically Nucky’s son. Would Michael Corleone have taken out his son? NO. He took out his idiot brother for betrayal. But we all know he would not have taken out his son. I am having a hard time seeing how I could care about this show anymore. But after Margaret got her Kay moment and realized what Nucky was, I loved her bit of payback even if they also wrote her off the reservation too. Basically…not a fan of the twists they added towards the end of the season. Yes, we are dealing with gangsters. But did we all transport to bizarro world?

I probably shouldn’t have watched it. Don’t think I was quite ready for that kind of storyline. And not sure it will stay on my DVR next year/season. And I do hope Michael Pitt gets a lot more work. Great actor.

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