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USA (the channel) has been playing the Indiana Jones movies all day. I’ve had it on all day. Sure, I’ve been running around and doing stuff, or working on my laptop, but have had Dr. Jones playing on both the living room and bedroom TVs all day. It’s comforting. And I love them.

I have loved these movies since the first time I saw Raiders of the Lost Ark. I remember how I felt when seeing it for the first time and how much I loved it. And if you ever read the old George Lucas interviews about Raiders, you know he said he made the movies because he wanted to portray the serials’ that people would go watch in the 30s, 40s etc. when they went to the movies. This is why I don’t understand the hate or dislike people send towards Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull. If you were like me, and read every snippet of info and article leading up the movie, then you knew exactly what it was gong to be like. There was no surprise. Even though Harrison, Steve and George (they are totally my personal friends), didn’t leak too much, they did talk about it.

The 2 big complaints I have heard about the movie is 1) Shia LeBeouf and 2) the aliens. And not just “Oh, I didn’t really like it. It wasn’t for me.” Those would be fair. Whatever. It’s “It was awful. I hated it.” “They raped Indiana Jones.” Ummmm….no. Raping is what MTV does to the American public every time it puts a new TV show on the air. Or what ABC does everytime time there is new Bachelor or Bachelorette. Or the many “reality” TV shows on various networks. These dumb down the IQ of the viewers as well as reward the complete suck-ass losers on the show every time they air. Ugh.

But I’ll address #2 since it was Crystal clear to me. The whole point of the movie was to show the same type of movies popular in the 50s. That was aliens and commies. Go back and look. People were obsessed with aliens and commies. They (George and Steven) didn’t pick this subject out of a hat. It followed the point of the serialization and what was portrayed in the earlier movies.

I guess I get protective and annoyed when people bash on Indy for the aliens. Go back and think people. Go back and read. Understand George the artist and what he does. And why he does it. It’s easy for everyone to hate on Nazis. They are the obvious enemy. So the 30s and 40s were easy-peasy. And think back – he got bashed for the Temple of Doom. I love that movie. Indian (and all other) cultures have wacky crap in it. Oh well. But he got bashed as racist and overly violent (it created the PG-13 rating.) Meh. Plus I think people can not admit to believing in aliens without worrying about labeled coo-koo for Cocopuffs.

If you can say without a doubt that there is no other sentient life in the universe besides planet those of us on planet Earth..you are a huge, flaming narcissist. Do you really think YOU are all there is? Yikes. Do they look like the stereotypical Mars alien with giant heads from the 50s movies? Who knows. Probably not. But can you really say there is none with absolute certainty? If so…….interesting.

Anyway…I’m going back to watching a truly entertaining movie with Dr. Indiana Jones. So kiss off you no-funners.

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