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My doggies love Greenies. Love, love, love them. They get 1 a day. I give them the regular size even though they are technically the large size in doggie pounds. Don’t tell them :)

Usually I buy them on eBay as I get can get them shipped for about $0.81 per by buying several packs of them. At pet stores, they average around $1.00 per. At Pet Club, if on sale, about $0.81 (our joyous state sales tax kills it.) Plus the drive time, etc. and they usually limit the amount you can buy when at that sale price. So I like to order them online :)

I found the best deal ever on them right now! Sign up for bing.com’s cash back program (which I love.) Use bing.com to search for Greenies. Click on the drugstore.com link that shows the cash back icon. It will take you to drugstore.com using their tracking system. You are now eligible for (currently) 25% cash back on your entire purchase!

Sign up for drugstore.com and you get 6% back in drugstore.com dollars to use quarterly. I order the buds’ Frontline from there as well as other stuff so I love drugstore.com dollars :)

AND, right now they are offering Greenies at a “buy one get 2nd half off” sale! So go to the Pet Store –>Greenies section and click on an item. Then see the text link that says “Buy one Greenies pet treat and the get second half off!” and click on it. It takes you to a list of eligible items and you check the items you want and click “Buy Checked Items”.

So now – you are getting your 2nd Greenies pack at 50% off. Plus 6% in drugstore.com dollars to use later AND you will receive 25% cashback from Bing! If you spend $50 or more – free shipping too! I always can find an extra thing to add on (that I now don’t have to get at the drugstore!) for the free shipping :) Just with the BOGO sale, mine were $0.75 each shipped. Then calculate in the drugstore.com 5% back and the bing.com 25% back = excellent deal!!

Bing.com pays you back via Paypal too (can send a check I think as well but that’s highly inefficient!) They do this quarterly (although I did get instant cash back the other day for an eBay purchase – very nice.) I did hear of problems using bing and Google checkout together but since I don’t like Google or their products – no big deal for me. But maybe for you?

Plus using bing makes me remember Chandler on Friends who I LOVED! :)

Now, you can use this bing cash back option for other things other than Greenies (hello beauty.com!) but the buds wanted me to share this awesome Greenie find ;)

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