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Decided to go on a neighborhood walk this AM. Haven’t done as many since it got warmer and I wasn’t walking with my neighbor (and her very fluffy husky). Been getting my exercise from my Peloton – which is great (as great as indoor exercise can be which is meh at best)- but it’s not outside. I truly need outside time. My mood is greatly changed by less or more outside time.

Saw 1 neighbor from the up the street, who has come to my house (driveway) for a happy hour. And whose dog loved Smokey so much. And we stopped and chatted numerous times. And had dinner together with other neighbors. I stopped, skooshed the doggie, called the doggie by her name (indicating I knew her), asked how the human was doing. And she had no idea who I was. It was very obvious in her face and comments. I didn’t even have sunglasses on, although I did have a hat on. But no clue.

Then later on the walk, saw another neighbor whose dogs LOVED Smokey. Loved. And who I talked with many, many times. No recognition. Although, he was on his deck and not right in front of me like the other lady. But once I mentioned Smokey he and his wife clued in.

Good to know I am so memorable. LoL.

But I know Smokey was the star. He really was. But really – I recognize you people from afar. It’s polite. Off the fn list.

I know it’s stupid. And I know I actually do not care. But man…getting my baseline off of broken and sad is not working.


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