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I am trying very hard. I am. But it’s been hard.

When I lost Angelus, I had Stormy. I was broken, but had to be there for him. And make sure he was OK.

When I lost Stormy, I spent a lot of time with Shadow. Just looking through my pictures from 2013 and I spent my time with Shadow or driving to the bay area.

Then in January I had Smokey. And then in January 2022, I did not. And I had no one.

It’s been hard. I want to cry very day. I don’t every day, but a lot. Every day is baseline sad and it’s great when I’m not.

Will try and forge through today and tomorrow and onward. Going to watch some BBT. And tomorrow I have a BBQ to go to. But right now I kinda just want to throw up.

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