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What a weird week this has been. Our weather has been mostly chilly, windy and cloudy. Which I am not complaining about since the last 3 Junes (and late Mays) have been grossly hot. With fire season starting early. So not having that has been great. But still feels weird.

And ever since my bay area trip last week my shoulder and pinched nerve have been acting up. It would generally act up on long bay area drives which is 1 of the reasons I stopped doing them. But even then, it would take a day or 2 to calm down and be fine. But this time it has been staying enflamed and in pain. Cool. My guess is that stupid fn massage enflamed it and the drive made it worse.

I’ve been hot tubbing it. And icing it. Doing an arm workout on Peloton yesterday was the wrong choice is my bet.

But then I realized, the last time it hurt like this and for so long was pre-Smokey. So yet another reminder of my loss. The week has darkened my mood considerably. So time has not been doing its job. I’ve cried every single day for a week. And today we had a thunderstorm – when the thunder boomed I instinctively cringed. And got stressed. But then remembered I didn’t need to stress about it like I used to.

Throw on stupid shit with comic con issues – which I am truly debating on going at all.

And it’s my birthday week now. Yay.

So yeah – I guess the pain from life stress and cringing and whatever else caused this before is back even if the circumstances are different..

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