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Went down to the bay area for a quick 2 day ish trip. Have not left my sanctuary since pre-Covid for more than a couple of hours to Reno so it was an adventure (although not really lol.)

Drive was easy. Had fun with friends. Ate yummy food. Saw Top Gun which was fn amazing – and the first movie I’ve seen in a theater since Rise of Skywalker in December 2019. And it was absolute right movie for that. Bought myself a sparkly for my birthday #oops and drive back was easy-peasy.

Got home. To a quiet house. Happy to be back in my sanctuary FOR SURE. But anytime I have traveled since 2014, I got home to Smokey who was happy to see me, who I hugged and let all of my travel stress go, and then we always – 100% of the time – chilled together for the rest of the day/evening. Letting go of all of our stress of being gone, traveling, etc. And then the next day – routine was back on and all was normal and good.

Today, I got home around 1pm. Unpacked. Checked accounts, markets, trading groups, emails, sent wires, packed up 2 sold items from eBay, shipped them off, picked up my mail, went to Ace and bought bark, went home and raked up my entire front yard and filled my green waste bin, spread out some bark, put out some new yard art, watered all my flowers, swept a crap ton of pollen from the decks from 2 damn days, put out new suet for the birds, made dinner, took a shower, ate dinner. Then sat down and watched the new Kenobi. Now it’s almost 10pm and I still have not dispersed the travel stress.

Not really in a big hurry to leave again.

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