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Today I spent a few hours cleaning up broken branches from winter as the snow melts, unwrapping all of my trees without breaking or killing myself (on a precarious fn ladder so this was a win), and duck taping and roping up my broken tree.

This is the tree I look out my kitchen window and see blossoming. Except after this winter it has been crushed. Literally. I had to tape it after the big 2016/17 winter as well and it thrived. Bu today, after the snow melted off of it this week, it was completely bent over. I had to duck tape all of the main branches including from the trunk. And tied it to the the house to hold it up. I honestly don’t expect it to make it. BUT, it has buds on some of the branches so I had to try. 2002 continues to take from me.

As I did all this, I had no one following me around. No one underfoot. I didn’t have to look around and say “Hey – Smokey!” only to find him digging a hole somewhere after a critter or lounging in the leftover snow piles.

Gardening was our spring thing. He always hung out with me. I was never out there by myself. Always had a supervisor. Until now. I broke down and sobbed again today. It’s been a couple of days. I feel terribly alone again. And spring can suck it.

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