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Woke up this morning, got out of bed and instantly my legs – thighs, calves, feet, ankles, glutes – were all SORE.

I have been Peloton-ing pretty much daily since February. Walking daily (again) since about then too. January was a month off. But I garden for a few hours, clearing snow from bushes, cutting branches, raking (directly after my 90 minute power walk but still) and all of a sudden I feel 75 year old. wtf?

Just as sore again this morning so I took today off from exercise besides a 40 minute neighborhood walk. I was not going to do one at all but when I went outside to do a neighbor a favor, it was so quiet. So peaceful. And chilly and windy. I had to do a walk this AM. But no ride, no extras. And did a classical music walk. Was nice.

After that I dug out my old CD/DVD rom, attached to my old/old (I have 3….doh) laptop, found my old buddy DVD and uploaded pics of Angelus and Storm. Did not have as much iPhone and def not social media with them so want to make sure to not lose those memories. Looking through all of those made me smile. Then loaded some old CDs – man iTunes f’ed me. Thanks Apple. Lost all my old music. But I did not pay attention so it’s on me. But F U Apple anyway. Made a play list for walks – then gave up. Too much technology on the day lol

By 5pmish I was still sore as hell. So decided I should hot tub it. After shower, dinner, and clean-up and laundry, around 8:30pm I did. I can only take about 15 minutes in there (why I consider it such a bother) before I am cooked. Plus, first time out there without a husky checking on me, keeping an eye on me. Making sure I was safe. Felt weird to be honest. Not entirely relaxing, but right now my feet and calves are feeling the zen. Let’s see if better tomorrow.

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