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Funny things cause emotional reactions. I am mostly (but not completely) past just sobbing at the sight of anything that reminds me of Smokey. Which is good, because everything in and around my house reminds me of him. Like…even when I go out and run errands. But silly little things do too.

I used to save my barely used napkins or paper towels for when I had to wipe up cookie or treat crumbs, food crumbles under his food dish, water driplets by his water dish. I was always wiping stuff up. Today, I saw the 3 I had saved in a corner on the counter. And threw them away. Because I don’t need to wipe anything up. Made me smile at how goofy that was. And sad that I do not have to.

Life seems upended right now. Not just Smokey related. But Smokey would have made it better.

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