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Last night I had another dream where I got to hug Smokey and I could feel the hug/his fur even after I woke up. This time, I cannot recall the dream as vividly as I did the 1st one (which I still recall the details) but I definitely recall the action of hugging him and the feeling of his fur against my face. It was nice.

This morning I did my Peloton ride (a too hard one IMO) and then did a 10 minute arms class, a 5 minute stretch and then tried a first-time 5 minute mediation (utilizing the monthly sub..)

Anyone that knows me, knows I am not hippie-dippie, I am pretty darn pragmatic and have actually never-ever mediated in any formal way (I would argue my quiet hikes in the forest more than qualify though.) At the end of this quick class, the instructor asks us to recall the last person you hugged – so I immediately thought of last night’s Smokey hug – and then tell yourself the class mantra of being healthy, happy, etc etc blah blah (my normal reaction to meditation type stuff.) But I did this – thinking of Smokey. And I teared up…and yet felt OK. And breathed through it for 90 seconds and then it was done. I had a decent day of staying busy and most importantly, not sad.

I am glad Smokey visited.

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