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As much as I love the snow the past few days (and expecting for next 2), it has been a really horrible, sad, awful few days. I have tried and tried and tried to exercise and chore my way out of this sadness but it has not worked. I cried so much yesterday, my head hurt for hours.

All I see is what would have been loved. And all I feel is sadness and emptiness.

I do love the snow. And the cold. More than most humans probably. But it also reminds me of what I no longer have. Of who is missing.

Sheets and towels all over the floor to catch the snow and melted snow. Wiping down everything from a snow shake every 10 mins because the deck door is open to go out. A tower of towels making sure the blowing snow doesn’t soak the wood floors. Taking pictures of a purely and completely happy husky in the snow. Planning our next outside adventure. Smiling for my husky in the snow no matte what the mess.

Happiness…that is what I am missing.

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