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Really need a vacation. But from what? My head? That’s not going to happen.

But my loss and relationships in 2022 have put my head in a fog…full of sadness, confusion, anger. This past week really solidified my upset with this year.

Honestly probably why the idea of going anywhere that I love sounds awful. And why I cannot even begin to plan anything. Because I know they won’t help. Those places are broken too right now. And I don’t want those places ruined. Maybe I’ll get to go again someday. When I’m not broken. But that’s not now.

I know I’ll get through it. How it looks on the other side? That I do not know. But right now it does seem like it will different. Assumptions I made about people and relationships were wrong. And this past week I have been feeling like my decision making about things is hugely, grossly flawed. Things that I thought were set. Family, friends, future.

Flawed. And broken.

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