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Finally decided to watch an episode of The Walking Dead tonight. I’m behind from last season and this is the final season so I want to watch it. I want to see how they wrap it all up. But I have been very hesitant. I did not put my finger on why until tonight.

Judith gets sad and says “they’re all gone” and starts to cry. And so did I. Not because of the characters on the show she is referring to but because this is the first time I am watching this show alone – without a buddy.

This show started in 2010. I remember making Angelus come inside so I could lock the door because it was creeping me out.

And Smokey – he *always* went to sit outside on the deck when I would watch because he could sense my stress. I think he really hated this show. He could pick on my stress easier than anyone. But I always made sure to skoosh him and tell him it was just TV. And I always tried to hide my jumping and screaming at the show. But he always knew.

I cannot believe this show has been on since 2010. My life has changed so much while I watch these characters – and go see them every year at their panel at SDCC.

But I cannot believe I am now watching the end of it alone. Not sure I will make it through. We’ll see how it goes.

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