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AT SDCC this year I was in Ballroom 20 all day Saturday for OUAT and the CW Hero block. They were really why I wanted to be in there. I have been in B20 for the OUAT panel almost every year because it always proceeds something else I want to see. Now, I do watch OUAT but for the past 2 years, I have not watched it during the season and then I remember that I really like the show and binge watch it through the summer. I like it but there are so many other things to watch and I have limited time to do it in (need to upload SO much content to my brain!) And sometimes the storylines get a but silly. But that’s OK – it’s fairy tales!

But, just like every other year when I sit through the panel, I walk away loving the cast and wanting to watch the show immediately! So when I got back from SDCC, I made it my mission to catch up on this season before the new eps starts in Sept. And I just finished the last episode last night. I LOVED this season! Loved it!

The thing about OUAT is it depends very hard on the “True Love Trumps All” mantra and sometimes it gets a bit goofy. And to be honest, my favorite characters are Rumple and Regina :) And they were great as usual this season!

I thought the forced lesbian storyline of Red and Dorothy was dumb. If you want to introduce a gay character/storyline, do it over time. Not just BOOM in your face in 2 episodes. Seemed forced and I think perhaps an overreaction to politics. But whatever.

Thought the Hades storyline was fun. I LOVE Arthurian tales so that was an interesting take on the whole storyline (and the nod to the Connecticut Yankee was cute.) More info on the Dark Ones was great. And I pretty much loved that Gold finally made Belle realize that she likes him BECAUSE of his dark side, not in spite of it. Because I’ve been saying that all along! When he was no longer the Dark One – he went back to being the scared weakling he was before. And no one really likes that. I don’t care what they say. And his dealing with his ex-wife – heh. Loved that.

And now I am VERY excited to watch the new season!

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