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I watched Season 1 of Homeland over the past couple weeks. It’s a Showtime show so it was a short season – 12 episodes. If you haven’t seen it but want to watch it, stop here as I will spoil the entire story for you…….


You’ve been warned…

I was very, VERY into it for the first 4-5 eps. LOVED it. Fantastic show! But when Carrie slept with Brody, that seemed a little shark jumpy. I mean come on? A CIA agent who thinks that a US Marine has turned into an Al Qaeda operative sleeps with him? (and a Ginger no less!) But OK, maybe she is THAT into catching him and thought she could get intel? Or that in need of a physical connection (we did hear her wonder to Saul if she was going to be alone for the rest of her life.) But still??? Sigh…OK, I’ll let it go. But then when they go to her family’s cabin in the woods and she basically seems to be falling for him, I have to go HUH? YOU THINK HE IS A TERRORIST. Also married with kids, but we’ll ignore that over the fact that YOU THINK HE IS A TERRORIST!!!

Then they throw us a loop with the other marine is still alive thing and *maybe* Brody isn’t a terrorist and *only* a married man with kids. But….then….nope. Terrorist. And no…the storyline we get to see about why he has turned did not warm my heart or make me think he was just confused. Sad the kid died. All the kids. Awful. And yeah – the government (including the VP) lied to the public about the op (and that never happens.) But hello – the father is a HUGE TERRORIST. Who kidnapped you, kept you hostage, tortured you and had you beat your other marine friend to a pulp. But yeah – we should feel sorry for them. And you. And understand your dilemma. And that you turned to Islam while there because it’s the religion of peace. (?)

So then the explosion and Carrie is injured, very likely some PTSD kicking in and she’s off her illegally obtained bi-polar meds. *thumbs up for the unstable, bi-polar CIA agent with a gun* But now she is a complete loon. And her loonyness seems to have been triggered by the explosion followed by being off her meds? BUT, then Brody “betrays” her (you trusted A TERRORIST?!) and she loses it. Completely.

Last we see she has agreed to electro-shock therapy as the only solution. Even after her best friend begs her to reconsider. Great plan – kill parts of your brain. Oh…and she definitely lost her security clearance (even though in reality she was 100% right with her findings even in her looniest of loon stage.) so that means she won’t be a CIA agent anymore? So….what will she do on the show?

BUT….let me get this straight….this chick who is this super smart agent and has been through so much with Al Qaeda and in Baghdad, etc etc got THAT upset by a stupid frackin’ guy??? And a TERRORIST to boot?!?!?! Ugh.

I have to say the last 2 episodes (of Season 1) annoyed the hell out of me. I loved the spy and political parts of the series. And the cast is great. But the complete meltdown of Carrie was a huge disappointment in character development.

I don’t subscribe to Showtime so I will find a way to watch the season 2 premiere on YouTube but if it annoys me as much, I’m out. I have a lot of shows and movies I’d like to watch but don’t have time for. Don’t need to waste my time on one that annoys me.

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