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So I can’t wear high heels for probably another 4-6 weeks. Ugh. My sports doc said “I’ll give you the same test that I give my basketball players when they ask me when they can play again.” (he is the team doc for the Golden State Warriors.) He said “When you can hop 50 times on the formerly broken ankle/foot with no pain and then go up and down on your tip toes with no pain, you are ready.” Hmm. He said “let’s try it now.” Ok…OW!!! “”He said I guess not today.” Thanks Dr. Obvious. He also said high heels are bad for me so what does he know anyway…

SO…since it is my birthday on Saturday AND since I WILL wear high heels again…soon! I bought a cute pair :) And look – they are platform-ey espadrilles so they have to be better for me than regular high heels so a good gateway heel back to my normal ones :) Plus very summery! I was actually inspired to buy a cute new summery espadrille by a pair Jennifer Aniston wore in “Just Go With It”.

Since they were not on sale and a bit costly for sandals in my opinion (although 7.5% back for going through ebates), I was almost hoping I wouldn’t like them IRL as much as in the picture. No such luck. Thanks to the wonderfulness of Endless.com, I ordered them yesterday afternoon and they arrived this AM. I just tried on the right foot one (non-broken side) and OMG they are so cute!!! Just imagine with tan, cutely-pedicured feet! Sigh….keepers.

So now I just have to work on my jumping and tippy-toe exercises :)

Happy Birthday to me! :)

Stuart Weitzman Women's Alex Espadrille

OMG Update! Jen A actually has these same shoes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) I knew they looked like something she’d wear! Now if I can only get my legs that tan :)



I’ve been looking at these for over a month now and yesterday endless had a 30% cash back rate with bing so they became mine! The leather is soooooo soft. Cannot wait for a dress day!

Very cute…wish they had the white/gold combo in my size but I guess I can’t wear those now that it’s post-Labor Day anyway ;-)


…so of course it’s about shopping and shoes (with a hint of husky) :)

Wore my black Steve Madden Makel’s today – let me say again how much I LOVE these shoes!! This is my first time wearing the black version.

It’s another warm day today (been a glorious week weather-wise if you are not a fluffy husky) so I wanted to wear another dress. Chose a semi-work-y black (that magically doesn’t collect husky fur!!) dress. Semi-work-y means I could totally wear it shopping or to Napa as well :)

With it, I decided to wear my black strappy Makels with it for a little extra zing (versus wedges or a more conservative shoe.) Not only did I get extra cuteness but these really are comfortable. And considering they are 4+ inch heels – that’s saying something!

So if you are in the market for a cute, sexy strappy heel – seriously check out the Steve Madden Makel! They have black, a pinky-fuschia color and cobalt blue. I can attest they are all great colors in real life :) The only caveat to wearing any of them is you MUST make sure your toes are cute. Bad pedi/toes in cute shoes – not good. French pedi is best with any of these colors in my humble opinion….

Plus – black is on sale at Endless right now!! And really…who doesn’t need another cute black shoe :)

Oh my…they lowered the price AGAIN! Says only 1 more left in stock…and even cheaper at Amazon (who owns Endless – wha?)…what’s a girl to do…

They arrived! And are HOT! Awesome thing about endless.com and zappos.com – they ship overnight so it’s *almost* instant gratification :)

Cannot wait to wear them!



Two for the show, Three to get ready, Now go, cat, go….(imagine that with a cool, young Elvis singing it!)

Who knew cobalt blue was THE color for the summer and fall?? Apparently many others – just not ME! I failed in learning this information earlier. Fashion fail (flogging may commence.) So I pulled the trigger.

They are *very* versatile – will go splendidly with black, brown, gray (the new black for fall) plus various other non-neutrals. And really…I will look HOT in them! :)

You can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes...

You can do anything but lay off of my blue suede shoes...

I really should eat outside at lunch…and not e-shop :) This is what happens when the weather doesn’t cooperate!

I saw a picture of the Steve Madden Makel strappy slingback (in raspberry) in a magazine a few weeks ago. I LOVED it!  I hunted them down with some help as the magazine ad had no shoe name (advertising fail!)

Found them at www.endless.com. And they were on sale. AND I had a credit on account there for a previous order they had made an error on (their customer service is very fast and responsive – bonus points for them.)

It was hard choosing between the colors as I liked all 3. Bought both the raspberry and black with the very good intention of choosing between them and sending the other back. But they are both soooo cute :)

Steve Madden Makel in raspberry suede

Steve Madden Makel in raspberry suede

Steve Madden Makel in black suede

Steve Madden Makel in black suede

I finally wore the raspberry ones today and they are SO, SO cute on!!! And for being 5″ heels – pretty darn comfortable.

Now if the blue ones would only go on further sale…..(I have NO blue shoes – so it would be completely justifiable!)

Everybody needs some blue suede shoes!

Elvis would agree that everybody needs some blue suede shoes!

Last week I bought, and received Monday, my new shoes from SmartBargains.com.  I’ve never visited the site before but last week on vacation I was poking around shoe sites looking for deals and found this shoe (Betseyville Adan) at Zappo’s:

Betseyville pink

Betseyville pink

On June 28th I even blogged about them when I found them :)

Now if you know me at all, you know I LOVE the color pink! Not so much that I Barbie it all out and wear all pink clothes with pink make-up driving my pink car with my pink-sweatered dog (man the huskies would kill me!!)  But I do wear pink a lot (but keep it limited to A piece of my outfit.) Yes, I do love pink lip gloss and I make my cupcake frosting pink :)  But no…no linens or house decor is pink.  And pink houses belong in Florida…no matter John Cougar Mellencamp says…

I love Zappos. They offer excellent customer service and I have nothing bad to say about them ever. BUT – they don’t always offer the best price (sometimes they do though!) So I trolled the internet looking for a better deal on these shoes (they were $77 at Zappo’s, on sale from $100.)

Kept searching…lo and behold, found them on SmartBargains for $39.97 down from $100. Now we are getting somewhere! BUT, they do charge $10ish shipping.  They do have a membership you pay annually or one-time for which takes your shipping per order down to $2.95 but I am not a member nor do I think I’d get my money’s worth becoming one. But even with the $10 shipping they were still cheaper than anywhere else (Endless.com had them for $62.99.) So the shipping made the shoes still $50. Not bad for a pair of shoes I thought were uber-duber cute but not sure $50 cute. So I kept looking…

….and internet coupon trolling I went…and then I found a code for  a discount if you use Paypal to pay along with another online coupon. And THEN it turned out my friend Helen IS a member there so we ordered them through her account and got the $2.95 shipping. So the shoes ended up being $26.93 shipped! THAT is a great bargain for some cute pink peep-toe shoes for summer!!

AND I LOVE THEM! They are actually even cuter in real life AND very comfortable even with a 4″ heel. They fit perfectly! Wearing them today :) Paired with a bright pink Banana Republic silk sleeveless top (also got on excellent sale!)

Banana Republic Silk Twist-Neck top

Banana Republic Silk Twist-Neck top

(that’s the BR model – not me!)  And topped off with a thin pink headband a’la Blair Waldorf…

Of course that means yes, I am wearing more than 1 pink item today but that’s ok :)