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I have been wanting this bag for about 10 years. No joke. But it was either impossible to find (their pink spring bags sell out sooo fast) or, the one time I did find it, I talked myself out of buying it since it’s a ridiculous price for a purse. Let’s be honest. Completely ridiculous (but look at it! So pretty!)

I was even JUST looking at Marc Jacobs quilted bags which are totally cute, but let’s be honest, are complete Chanel wannabes. Then I received an email from Portero (which I get a lot of but don’t usually even look) advertising new Chanel finds. OK, I’ll bite. So I clicked on it. And there it was. It’s pre-owned but in pristine condition. And half the retail price. Also no tax or shipping. Win! So I did it. Anyone who knows me well, knows that a cute, little Chanel bag in THE perfect pink pretty much embodies me :)

Feeling absolutely no buyer’s remorse at all :)

Chanel Classic 2.55 Small

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