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Every day over the last 2 weeks, I have seen news “news” stories about why people will argue over Thanksgiving because of discussing politics, healthcare, etc, etc. Things are pretty polarized right now and the media loves nothing more than to stoke that even more.

How about this? Apply the old adage of do not discuss politics (or religion in some cases) at the dinner table. If you know people disagree with you, and you won’t be changing anyone’s mind just like they won’t be changing yours, why ruin a family holiday/dinner/get together with subjects you KNOW are bombs.

Yes, it’s nice to be right. And of course you feel you are (I know I do!) :) But entering into a losing battle is stupid. And throw in alcohol consumption and you’ve got yourself a doozy. So just stop. Even if that ignorant, know-nothing uncle, aunt or in-law keeps pushing your buttons. It’s not worth it. Because then everyone gets angry. And looks dumb. And there is a good chance those people will leave early anyway to make sure they get in line for their cheap junk because THAT’S what the holidays are all about – not enjoying the day spending time with family.

And all the kids listening to the bickering? They will have another memorable family get together. Which is why when they grow up, they have Friendsgiving.

“The White House emphasized the human benefits over the technical details, returning repeatedly to a letter Obama received from an Ohio cancer patient who wrote that she gave up her health insurance after the cost rose to $8,500 a year.”

So wait a second…this woman, who has cancer, gave up her health insurance which undoubtedly paid tens of thousands (if not much, much more) of dollars in medical bills because her portion rose to $8500 a year? And this is viewed (by her and the White House apparently) as too high of a cost for a person to pay for their health care? No – it’s actually not.

And guess what – those “technical details” are billions and billions of dollars. What money tree has been found to pay for that? Who exactly will be covering her $8500 portion now? But no – people don’t want to think about that. They’ll think about that tomorrow…when it’s too late.

WTH is wrong with people? Why shouldn’t you have to pay a portion of your own health care costs?? It is ridiculous, and frankly disgusting, that the House is trying to sneak such a huge piece of legislation through. And the reason they want to sneak it through is because they know they can’t get it done any other way.

Disgusting. Worst Congress in recent history.


Well, while I do not like Rahm, what he said was said in a closed session. If I say something in my living room, or Board Room, it should stay there. I’m sure you can argue he is a politician, he shouldn’t be using derogatory terms, saying that to others, blah, blah…

BUT has anyone looked up the definition of retarded in the dictionary? I guess you could argue derogatory but it really is the definition. And no – I don’t think that is a reason that it should be changed in the dictionary. Per the American Heritage Dictionary – Second College edition:

Retarded: adj Slow or backward in mental or emotional development.

Retard: v To slow the progress of; impede or delay.

I’m not going to defend the guy too much since I don’t like him anyway. And he was speaking about a plan put forth by liberal special interest groups that does sound like it fits the definition but for such an “outrage” to occur? Give me a break….latch on to a cause to fight for that really needs fighting. Not word play. If someone gets offended by a word, any word, grow a thicker skin and get over it. Bigger fish to fry in this world…