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I have been wanting this bag for about 10 years. No joke. But it was either impossible to find (their pink spring bags sell out sooo fast) or, the one time I did find it, I talked myself out of buying it since it’s a ridiculous price for a purse. Let’s be honest. Completely ridiculous (but look at it! So pretty!)

I was even JUST looking at Marc Jacobs quilted bags which are totally cute, but let’s be honest, are complete Chanel wannabes. Then I received an email from Portero (which I get a lot of but don’t usually even look) advertising new Chanel finds. OK, I’ll bite. So I clicked on it. And there it was. It’s pre-owned but in pristine condition. And half the retail price. Also no tax or shipping. Win! So I did it. Anyone who knows me well, knows that a cute, little Chanel bag in THE perfect pink pretty much embodies me :)

Feeling absolutely no buyer’s remorse at all :)

Chanel Classic 2.55 Small

I have been wanting these for 2 years. They were not made for the US market originally but looks like TR got smarter and realized girls love pink here…oh boy….I *WILL* get these…must find good deal somehow…

True Religion - pink randow Joeys...

True Religion - pink rainbow Joeys...

They will make friends in my closet with my sunshine and earth rainbows :)

Must find these in my size…preferably not at full retail (or my friend Helen will defriend me!)

Now…I seriously need to own these :) Kate Spade “Celeste” sunglasses in pink. Could they *BE* more perfect for me? (channeling Chandler Bing!)

On sale at Smart Bargains right now with an additional 20% off today! Evvviiilll…

Kate Spade "Celeste" sunglasses

Kate Spade "Celeste" sunglasses

p.s. $64.79 shipped with free shipping, 20% off and add’l 10% off coupons.. :)

Last week I bought, and received Monday, my new shoes from SmartBargains.com.  I’ve never visited the site before but last week on vacation I was poking around shoe sites looking for deals and found this shoe (Betseyville Adan) at Zappo’s:

Betseyville pink

Betseyville pink

On June 28th I even blogged about them when I found them :)

Now if you know me at all, you know I LOVE the color pink! Not so much that I Barbie it all out and wear all pink clothes with pink make-up driving my pink car with my pink-sweatered dog (man the huskies would kill me!!)  But I do wear pink a lot (but keep it limited to A piece of my outfit.) Yes, I do love pink lip gloss and I make my cupcake frosting pink :)  But no…no linens or house decor is pink.  And pink houses belong in Florida…no matter John Cougar Mellencamp says…

I love Zappos. They offer excellent customer service and I have nothing bad to say about them ever. BUT – they don’t always offer the best price (sometimes they do though!) So I trolled the internet looking for a better deal on these shoes (they were $77 at Zappo’s, on sale from $100.)

Kept searching…lo and behold, found them on SmartBargains for $39.97 down from $100. Now we are getting somewhere! BUT, they do charge $10ish shipping.  They do have a membership you pay annually or one-time for which takes your shipping per order down to $2.95 but I am not a member nor do I think I’d get my money’s worth becoming one. But even with the $10 shipping they were still cheaper than anywhere else (Endless.com had them for $62.99.) So the shipping made the shoes still $50. Not bad for a pair of shoes I thought were uber-duber cute but not sure $50 cute. So I kept looking…

….and internet coupon trolling I went…and then I found a code for  a discount if you use Paypal to pay along with another online coupon. And THEN it turned out my friend Helen IS a member there so we ordered them through her account and got the $2.95 shipping. So the shoes ended up being $26.93 shipped! THAT is a great bargain for some cute pink peep-toe shoes for summer!!

AND I LOVE THEM! They are actually even cuter in real life AND very comfortable even with a 4″ heel. They fit perfectly! Wearing them today :) Paired with a bright pink Banana Republic silk sleeveless top (also got on excellent sale!)

Banana Republic Silk Twist-Neck top

Banana Republic Silk Twist-Neck top

(that’s the BR model – not me!)  And topped off with a thin pink headband a’la Blair Waldorf…

Of course that means yes, I am wearing more than 1 pink item today but that’s ok :)

I saw an ad for these shoes weeks ago. I am not normally a super pricey shoe person. Mostly because I pretty much end up taking my dogs with me everywhere (and outside) in every outfit I own (why I find cookies & poo bags in every pocket of every jacket, coat or pair of pants that I own!) Plus I feel I am going tospend a lot of money on a single item, it should be something I will wear a LOT (I really should have crazily expensive hiking shoes & dog-walking gear!)

But these shoes…I have to admit I have been wanting a pair of Louboutins more than any other brand. There are just so many cute ones! And I LOVE pink. I know – so stereotypically girlie – but I do love pink. Looks on my skintone in pretty much any shade.

I even told husband about these shoes earlier in the day (a sign!) because I was so in love with them. Of course, when I told him they were probably $800-$900 he was very happy that I added “but I wouldn’t spend so much on a pair of shoes.”

Husband & I were walking through the Palazzo Shops after dinner and we walked by Barney’s and their shoe section is right up front…and I saw them…and walked right in and picked them up and I loved them!

The price tag was on the bottom…I had been dead-on in my guess earlier. They were $865. There was simply no way I could justify that..ever. But I wanted to try them on anyway!! We were here and the salesman was more than happy to help us :)

As soon as I put them on I knew I was in trouble…helped that I was in a dress and had just spent the day in the sun so was tan. The pink just worked so well. Plus a fresh pedi! :)

Then the salesman said the magic words…”they are going on sale on Tuesday and I can give you that price now…”. Wha??????

Husband loves a deal. Husband loves when I wear high heels. Husband was in a strangely good mood (proof he might need to relax a bit more as we did today.) But again…husband loves a good deal and these were now 40% off!!

He asked me if I loved them. I said I did. Salesman agreed they were hot on me (hey – I’ll take the compliment even if it was in his best interests!) Husband gave up his American Express card – whoa!!!

I can definitely say they are the single most expensive item in my closet. But I absolutely love them!!! And now I need to buy a couple dresses to go with them!! (preferably on a really good sale!)

This pic was taken last night. The pink is a more vibrant pink IRL I think but you can see them in their awesomeness :)