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I want these sooooooo bad. But they don’t have my size :( I asked the girl at the J Crew store at Stanford yesterday and I think she kinda snickered in my face. Apparently they were quite popular. You’d think for all the money I spend there, they could click their heels and a pair would appear for me! Damn…

There's no place like home!

IMO, every girl needs a pair of cool red shoes and a red coat. I have my coat – and these would have been perfect! Plus J Crew is having 30% off orders $150+ sale right now! Oh well. I did accidentally buy a a new black coat there yesterday. I have NO black winter coats. Wha?? I have a closet full of coats with no black one?? I do have a charcoal grey long cashmere coat that I love but that doesn’t always fill the need for a black coat. I have purchased several from J Crew over the past few years but always sent them back as they weren’t right. But yesterday in the store – there it was! And these red shoes would look SO cute with a cute black coat! Oh…and of course a cute outfit underneath the coat :) I bought a sparkly black tank too. Now I need a place to wear them! Hiking with the huskies probably doesn’t require a black sparkly tank top :)

They have these red flats in my size. I am debating on these…cute. But not as cute as the pumps.

Cute. But not AS cute....

But if anyone sees a pair of these Mona pumps in red sparkly in 7.5 at your local J Crew – get them and I will totally buy them from you!!! :)