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Finally watched my Wonder Woman animated movie that I think I have had it on my family room table, as well as with me whenever I go up to Tahoe for an extended period, for like…over a year. If not 2. But I’d prefer to not think it’s been that long.  Because that means I have aged 2 years and OBVIOUSLY that is not true.

I liked it a lot. Was a good story, great animation and I was trying to guess the guest star voices :) It kept most of the Wonder Woman beginnings that I remember from my childhood reading. And the changes weren’t so bad that I wanted to say out loud at the screen  “That’s Not Right!” (yes…I have said that out loud in theaters….embarrassing my friends :) )

Funny thing about Wonder Woman mythology is that on the surface it is pretty anti-man, anti-mankind as a whole. I don’t recall ever noticing that as a kid. And since I’m fairly anti-mankind nowadays, it doesn’t bother me at all now…adays.

This movie had some pretty funny lines. Mostly by Steve Trevor (possibly my favorite: [after Diana shows a girl how to swordfight] “That was sweet. Teaching her to disembowel her playmates like that.” I laughed out loud.) And some by Artemis voiced by Rosario Dawson who sounded nothing like the Rosario Dawson of movies (ZERO Puerto Rican accent.)

The bad thing about watching this movie is that is got me searching Amazon for the Justice League movie, JLA seasons from Cartoon network that I missed due to time constraints and putting the Clone Wars Season 2 in my cart.

I bought the Wonder Woman Kotobukiyi statue while at Comic-Con. I have found that the female figures done are a) way cooler and b) rarer since most geek buyers are male so buy them up FAST :) Don’t believe me? Sample of an eBay auction for another statue that I want: “Kotobukiya CATWOMAN Bishoujo statue by Shunya BOOBS!” Yeah…so…anyway….a fairly good investment. *shaking head*

I really liked her when I saw her. I wasn’t planning on buying her. I was at the booth to buy the Han in Carbonite ice trays as well as the Star Wars light saber chopsticks (yeah…what?) Anyway, I saw her and liked her. Impulse buy! Kotobukiya does a good job with their statues. Their Chewbacca has been on my Find and Buy list for awhile.

I put her up on the living room bookshelf. Husband “demands” the collectibles kept in the home office so the house doesn’t start to look like The 40-year old Virgin’s house. Whatever. I get it. But whatever. I keep my voice-controlled R2 unit in the living room. Anyway, I put the WW statue up on the bookshelf in the living room. On the shelf with some Greek mythology. That works, right? Let’s see how long it takes for him to notice :)

Spread it all out and looked at everything tonight :)

Funko SDCC Exclusive flocked Chewbacca – ran to get this when doors opened Thursday AM. Was sold out when I went by again on Saturday! Also got the flocked Gizmo on impulse :) This Chewie is something I saw on my tour at ILM and wasn’t allowed to talk about!
Kotobukiya Wonder Woman statue
Kotobukiya Star Wars Mace Windu (purple) chopsticks (I eat a lot of sushi at home so fully justified)
Kotobukiya Star Wars Han in Carbonite ice cube molds
Mimobot Han Solo with Carbonite case 16gb USB drive
Mimobot SDCC exclusive Bossk 8gb USB drive #106/500
Gentle Giant SDCC Exlusive Ralph McQuarrie concept Hoth Stormtrooper (IS Stormy’s full name so had to do it!) They are shipping to me so don’t know #
Sideshow “Comic-Con Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope – Limited Edition” hardcover book by Morgan Spurlock #3849/5000
SDCC exclusive JLA tumblers (2)
Soft Kitty (Big Bank Theory) t-shirt
and my favorite:
Han and Chewie pic personally autographed to me by Chewbacca…err Peter Mayhew :)

Freebies (panels or on floor):
Cowboys and Aliens gold brick that was hunted and found (no premier tickets tho :( )
The Hunger Games poster (got this for a friend who loves this series)
SDCC 2011 bags with JLA, Batman: Arkham Asylum and Shark Week on them
SDCC Souvenir programs (2) with JLA cover art
Breaking Dawn “Save The Date” magnet
Breaking Dawn trading cards (including Edward – Squeee!)
Ringer chair (perfect for line sitting!)
Game of Thrones backpack w/book, t-shirt (House Baratheon), mousepad, screen protector, bookmark)
Metal water bottles from Fright Night party – say Holy Water (hehehe)
Fright Night fangs
Fright Night 3-D glasses with hard case (for all my home 3D viewing)
Oh! And the little Chewbacca plush that some guy randomly walked up to me on the floor and gave me for free because “I looked like I liked Chewbacca.” :)

And then I bought on eBay:
Gentle Giant Squirrel Pool (only 500 made – not sure of my number yet)

The fact that I bought this on eBay pisses me off a bit but I wanted it. And I waited for about 40 minutes in line but then it sold out before I got to the counter. This pisses me off because most of the sellers of this item on eBay had more than one to sell (some had 3 or 4.) They (Gentle Giant and all large vendors) should limit the SDCC exclusives to 1 per customer. Pisses me off royally that some scalpers don’t even go to Comic Con for the show, but just to buy the exclusives and get the freebies to sell all of them on eBay. Jerks.

I looked for the eBay seller that only indicated he had 1 for sale. He might have more to sell, but at least it wasn’t obvious. And at least he accepted my Best Offer and I didn’t pay as much as the buyers before me (although probably more than the people who buy any in a week or 2 I would guess.) I am still keeping an eye out on eBay for the official t-shirt with the JLA art in size small.

And then I bought a cool Wolf Sanctuary sweatshirt when I was up there on Sunday. And I buy ornaments from vacation places I go to so bought a Christmas ornament at the USS Midway store. So a consumer long weekend all the way around. Although in fairness to me, I bought much less than most Comic Con trips!

I need more shelves….

Today was a busy day!! Up at 6am. Well actually my alarm was set for 6am but I woke up at 5:58am. Got ready and met my friend who graciously got in line at 6:30! The line was looooooooong. They made 1 giant line for everything but Hall H this year. We high-tailed it over to the Ballroom 20 line and were about 1500-2000 in line. So no problem on getting in – yay!

They let us in around 9:15 I guess and then the panels started at 10. I don’t watch Torchwood but have heard of it on twitter and tumblr. I didn’t know it was a Doctor Who spin off. So I know nothing of the show but the cast was awesome! Totally made me want to watch the show. The lead (John Barrowman) led us in song at the end of the panel – we all were singing Annie’s “Tomorrow” as the panel ended. He was a giant crack-up who I think must live on 5-Hour Energy shots. He was cracking jokes and puns every 2 seconds! And looks so much like Tom Cruise it’s weird. I am a little afraid to get excited and start watching  the show since that happened last year with Stargate: Universe and I bought the season 1 and 1.5 DVDs and caught all up in prep for season 2 and then they cancelled the show during season 2. What the frack.?? But Torchwood is on Starz and not SyFy so maybe better luck?

Then it was The Walking Dead panel.  I watched 2 (maybe 3) eps last year and stopped after the horse death. I just could not go on. But this panel and the scenes for Season 2 that they showed us convinced me to watch the last 3 eps in Season 1 (they made a short season). It does look really good. So I’ll give it another try. Much like with Game of Thrones books, I will just fast forward past the sadness.

Then it was Big Bang Theory!!!! Such a great cast. Last year’s panel was super fantastic and this year’s was awesome too. They are just so funny and great with the Q&A. Love, love, love them.

They cancelled the Bones panel for some reason (have never not had David B at a con – boo!) so I high-tailed it over to Hall H. Husband was already inside saving me a seat but it took me about 2 hours to get in. Ugh. But while in line I talked to the guy behind me. He had 2 tix to the Cowboys and Aliens premiere. I saw him take them out of his bag and said “those are so special.” He asked “do you know what these are?” I said “Sure do. And I’d kill anyone in this line to get them.” He looked at me and tried to judge how serious I was. Then I said “Nah, kidding…..maybe.” and smiled. I was quite jealous! I will add that all of the texts for the free ticket giveaways stated you had to have a SDCC badge. So that’s good. Still too many of them off-site and unable to get to if a Con attendee in reality, but at least it’s something I guess. Maybe Jon Favreau read my blog rant last night :)

Finally got in for the Sony panel – yay! They had the directors and cast for the Ghost Rider movie. It does look fun and Nic Cage is always kooky at panels. The director seems a bit insane. They showed some stunts that HE was doing to get certain shots. Very cool. So I will probably see it on DVD.

The next movie didn’t really belong at Comic Con genre-wise but it looked damn funny. Called “30 Minutes or Less” with Jesse Eisenberg, who was not there, and Danny McBride, who was also not there but sent a clip introducing the movie and apologizing for not being there and it was hysterical!, and then Aziz Ansari who was there and he was FUNNY! Definitely want to see this movie.  And I need to add Parks and Recs to my tivo line-up. I only have BBT for comedy and need more!

Then Total Recall time!!! Colin Farrell, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Biel, Bryan Cranston and John Cho. They were all great! Fantastic Q&A with both the moderator and the audience. The movie footage looked super cool and fun. Also – Colin and Kate are hotness. I definitely want to see this. And I was against a reboot/remake/retelling going in.

Then finally Spiderman. When I first heard of this reboot I was like “are you kidding? It’s only been a few years since the last Spidey with Tobey Maguire?!?” But the footage we got to see with Andrew Garfield as Spidey and Emma Stone as Gwen Stacy looked excellent! Plus Martin Sheen, Sally Field, Denis Leary – great cast! Again – I will see this one for sure.  And Andrew Garfield is kind of adorable. But what the heck? He is British ( I had no idea from The Social Network) and he is playing Spiderman and Henry Cavill (Brit) is going to be Superman – what the heck??? The Brits are invading!! Oh well…that’s ok…love the accent.

While husband was in Hall H, and me out in line, he saw the Fright Night panel (yes, another reboot) with Colin Farrell. And he won a ticket for a special premiere tonight. So we went over after the Con and the ticket was only for 1 admission but the bossman at the door let me in too (he must have liked the wolf ears I was still wearing!) Tons of yummy food and drinks. The place was decorated in gothic vampirey and slayer mode. Very cool. With all of the weapons that thy have in the movie on display.

Then the cast showed up! And I wiggled in and got a pic with Colin Farrell – yay!! He is so hot in real life. Yum. But he was also extremely nice and patient with people pushing in and asking for pics and autographs. Very, very cool. I also talked to Anton Yelchin and told him that I loved him in Star Trek J  Funny thing – Colin Farrell is much taller than I expected. I guess not all actors are short.



We then got to see the movie (with free popcorn, soda, water and candy!) The movie was super fun. I barely remember the original but the story came back to me as I was watching it.  Very fun, campy horror movie. Oh – and it was in 3D. So some cool effects. A very fun event. And funnily (my word), it’s the first movie I have seen entirely in 3D. I have not been part of the crown rushing out to see 3D movies. Not very cool of me I know. But I just don;t care unless it really enhances the movie. This movie was campy and fun so the effects being thrown at you were blood and vampires and stuff so that was pretty fun. But some of the movies they have done in 3D, I’m like “Hmmm….really?” I’m sure Avatar was amazing in 3D but James Cameron filmed that in 3D. Didn’t just add it as an effect. So my take is if it will enhance the story or my enjoyment – cool. If it’s just a way to add a few flying things and get a few more dollars in ticket prices – no thanks. But then I do most of movie watching at home from NFLX anyway.

Then walked back to the hotel at 1:30am where I am now icing my ankle which is the size of 2 ankles. But a fun, long day at Comic Con 2011!!  Not sure what the plan for tomorrow is yet. But I need a bit of sleep. And would like to try for my Con shirt (if any left in small) And you know what? I have not even checked out the Star wars booth yet. Sacrilege. Total Fail!!! Need. To. Do. Saturday!