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(just like this….)


I have been wanting this bag for about 10 years. No joke. But it was either impossible to find (their pink spring bags sell out sooo fast) or, the one time I did find it, I talked myself out of buying it since it’s a ridiculous price for a purse. Let’s be honest. Completely ridiculous (but look at it! So pretty!)

I was even JUST looking at Marc Jacobs quilted bags which are totally cute, but let’s be honest, are complete Chanel wannabes. Then I received an email from Portero (which I get a lot of but don’t usually even look) advertising new Chanel finds. OK, I’ll bite. So I clicked on it. And there it was. It’s pre-owned but in pristine condition. And half the retail price. Also no tax or shipping. Win! So I did it. Anyone who knows me well, knows that a cute, little Chanel bag in THE perfect pink pretty much embodies me :)

Feeling absolutely no buyer’s remorse at all :)

Chanel Classic 2.55 Small

So I might have gone a bit crazy in my recent brown shopping and they both arrived this last week…

In my defense, I needed and wanted a more structured brown “worky-type” bag plus Kate Spade was having a super sale! This leather is so, so soft and nice. And I think it’s great for work. It’s a good size, not too big and big enough to throw stuff in as I run out the door to work. Very simple and yet nice.

Kate Spade

Then…I have been searching for my perfect pink Chanel bag forever. I found it once and didn’t buy it. Total fail. But if you know me, you know that after pink, a nice, deep chocolate brown is my 2nd favorite color. And then I saw this…


I just went ahead and did it. I bought it. It’s the “medium” size of the quilted leather bags – technically the “modern chain quilted flap shoulder handbag.” No regrets AT ALL. It took over the crown from my Louboutins and Ralph Lauren boots as the single most expensive item in my closet. I’m thinking I need to use it a lot to make sure I get my money’s worth! Now I just to find my perfect-shade-of-brown cashmere V-neck sweater to go with it!

I love that the bag has a more distressed look. The leather and hardware are not shiny and the bag has the perfect look for grabbing and running to Stanford, to lunch, to Napa or even to Tahoe. Kinda perfect for me :)

I cannot wait for autumn to set in a bit more to use it!! Whheeeeeeee!!!!!