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I ordered this dress a few weeks ago and finally tried it on. It looks SOOOO cute on!!! It will be perfect for a wedding I have to go to in 2 weeks. Would be even more perfect with some cool heels but I think I’ll still be in my boot so I will wear 1 cute-ish yet shorter heel….hopefully the cute will counteract the Frankenstein…

I’m glad I ordered it as soon as I saw it – they are already out of my size!

I accidentally ordered a couple other things from there today. 30% off using the code BRKING30 – it’s for being a “King or Queen for a day”. Leave it to American retail to try and cash in on the royal wedding somehow ;)

Ordered another cute dress, a light tweed jacket and a couple tank tops. Great spring casual-ish wear! BR is tuff with their sizing though. Sometimes even their XS are waaay too big. But then sometimes, they cut them weird so it’s tight in some places, roomy in others.. And sometimes their S is just right. I love their continuity….

The email I received this AM was titled “In The Pink”. Pretty sure that email campaign was directed right at ME (=sucker for cute pink stuff!) SO of course I clicked on it. This whole spending a lot of time in front of my computer is bad for my wallet!