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Nice! Amazon has the entire 70s Wonder Woman DVD collection on mega sale today!!!$36!!!

Wonder Woman has just been filling my comic life since Comic Con! It’s like the universe knows what I like…or…Amazon has some cookies on my laptop and a great algorithm to offer me stuff to buy. Whatever! Totally getting it! :)

I truly hope they never get a non-animated WW series or movie green-lighted in Hollywood again. The stills from that one that NBC was going to do looked HORRENDOUS. Lynda Carter pulled it off. And anyone who watched and enjoyed it as a kid will never accept another. Face it Hollywood.

Also…their “Customers Who buy this also buy…” finally worked on me. I added the Buck Rogers DVD set too :) Come on – who didn’t love Hawk? And yes…always liked that Erin Gray could kick some arse and not need Buck AND have good hair :)