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The sadness and tragedy of what happened last night/early this morning is undeniable. Those people were excited all day about seeing a fun movie, maybe even dressed up in costume, hung out for hours in line joking around and making “line friends” and going over the details of the last 2 Batman movies or the comics. Everyone was excited and happy. And certainly not looking over their shoulder for a complete psycho.

The news stories I’ve read with witness accounts are scary. I cannot even imagine how frightening that was for people.

I love comics. And I love movies. I’ve been to midnight showings for the Star Wars prequels, Indiana Jones IV and the Twilight movies. It’s an event and is super fun. At no time did I ever, ever worry about my safety. And I’m sure the same could be said for everyone else there with me. Sadly, that might not be true anymore. Will it stop me from going to midnight showings? No. But it will make me think about. And that’s just wrong.

Comic books and movies were made for the purpose of escaping. Escaping into a different world. Fantasy. Escape your hectic life for a couple hours, maybe your kids, certainly the world. But some sociopath decided to bring his insanity to others. And to wreck that escape. Solely because he is sociopath.

I’d be surprised if we didn’t get some parade of how he was abused as a child, bullied in school, hated by others, blah blah blah. Doesn’t matter. Even if hundreds of people treated him like crap all of his life – they didn’t kill him. And I’m betting none of them were in that theater. But in today’s society, you are almost never responsible for your own actions. Someone will find some disorder that applies. And justify your actions for you. And place at least some of the blame elsewhere. Well guess what? No. He is simply a psycho.

And guess what else? He would have been able to get weapons legally OR illegally if he really wanted. So I don’t want to hear that strict gun control laws would have prevented this. It would not have. Criminals will always be able to get weapons. Always. So this political volleyball will undoubtedly be bounced around. And that is stupid. But stupidity never stopped politicians from doing anything.

And reading stories how this is related to Batman and the comic book universe? I can’t even respond to something so stupid.

Be sad for the people that lost their lives and were injured. Be sad for their families. And be a little sad for yet another pocket of fun and innocence being ruined for us all.