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I got it! I received some Nordstrom gift cards for Christmas from elves who knew I wanted this sweater :)

I tried it on a few weeks ago at the Juicy store and it’s SO cute!!! Plus PERFECT colors for me! Will look even more marvelous on me with my new dark brown hair ;) hehehe


I was a bit concerned about the fur. It’s fake of course (so it says in big bold lettering inside) but I would hate for anyone to see it and think it’s real.  Anyone that knows me AT ALL would never think that but people walking around might. I know I internally judge people that I see wearing things that look like real fur. I don’t go all PETA on them or anything but I fantasize about it as I walk by and give them the evil eye.  Well, if anyone says anything, I can show them the tag!! Of course, I also wonder if it’s a case of the “fake fur” made in China that’s actually real fur because the Chinese are schmucks. But I will assume that Juicy Couture is smart enough to not want that kind of PR. (I stress a lot huh?)

I do have to add that I think it’s LAME that Nordstrom only allows you to use 1 gift card for an online order. So I had to call to place the order. The girl was pleasant and fast but still – annoying.  They finally started offering free shipping and returns so hopefully they fix that too!

It’s scheduled to arrive on or around January 9th! YAY!!!!