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I got a good workout this afternoon/evening. Around 4pm, I was on my way downstairs to grab something off the printer. I stop at the entry way because both huskies are standing there staring out at something. I look and see a big German Shepherd (not really any other kind is there?) following around this little teeny chihuahua. I look around and see no people with them. Great.

So I throw on my UGGs and grab the buddy leashes and collars in case I need them. With both huskies watching me saying with their eyes “wait?? you aren’t taking us??”  As I was walking up to them, the German would paw the chihuahua, and push him around with his nose. It was clear they were friends. I was able to get the German very easily and quickly. He had a collar but no tags. Sigh. I see the chihuahua does have tags. But he has NO intention of letting me catch him. And the German has no intention of letting his little buddy out of his sight.

So, German Shepherds are strong. Let’s be clear. And he was on a mission to not lose sight of his friend. We were basically jogging trying to keep with the little Chihuahua who would stop if he ever got too far ahead and wait for us. I finally figured out if I just stop and stand there, he would come closer but never close enough. And if I moved at all towards him, he would take off. Great.

He almost got down to Highway 1 and I was getting stressed because too many cars was not going to end well. I just stood in the middle of the street so any cars coming would have to slow down. The little bastard…I mean chihuahua…was zig-zagging across every street, up and down streets, stopping and sniffing. The poor german (and me) were getting hot from all the running.  And he was dragging me along. It’s funny that the huskies pull way less and they were bred for pulling. Then again, if they were on a mission like this, they probably would pull more.

After going up and down every. single. street in my general neighborhood, without any exaggeration, we started north.  I asked two kids, a boy and a girl, if they had ever seen these dogs before. The little girl said she saw them running up and down the streets about 2 hours ago but never before that. Wonderful.  The boy asked if I needed help and he grabbed his bike and we were off trying to keep track of the chihuahua.

Finally, after about 4 more blocks, the chihuahua darts into a yard and disappears. We were all looking all around the yard and no sight of him. We knock on the door. No one home. Of course.  By now, it’s getting dark, and the mom of the kids drove by and took them home.  I go in the the driveway of this same house with the yard and the cat in the driveway comes right up to the german. OK, unless it’s a **really** trusting cat, they have to know each other, right? But no one was home. And neither of the next door neighbors were home either.

I see that the side gate is swinging open. It’s been fairly windy today. I push it open and see the chihuahua. At least, I think it’s him. All look same. But he comes over barking and the German is trying to nose his way in. OK, it’s starting to look like a good bet. But I can’t just leave the German in the yard if it’s not theirs. Can you imagine coming home to that? You have 2 small dogs (there was another little dog back there barking too) and a cat and now a HUGE dog just appears!? I try latching the gate and it’s clear it’s about as gerry-rigged as it can be. By now it’s dark so I am thinking I just take the german home with me and drive back later and hopefully someone will be home?

I see a lady come home across the street, so I go and ask the lady if she has seen the dog or knows what kind of dogs her neighbors have. She said she has never seen the big dog. But she knows several of the people on the street have little dogs. She remembers that a house down the street has a small and big dog. She doesn’t know what kind as they are always inside barking. So she points out the house and I go and knock. The lady there says her dogs are home and she has never seen the German Shepherd.  Sorry. Sigh.

I walk back to the corner house where the chihuahua went. The across the street lady is talking to a woman at the “target” house. Yay! Please be the mom. As I walk up she comes out to the sidewalk and says “Oh, was he being mean to you?” Umm…hardly.  He was a sweetheart who didn’t want to leave his little buddy to the streets and cars I tell her. She thanks me and unhooks my leash and takes him by the collar. I tell her that her little dog is in the backyard. As she is walking away she says she will go look. Ok…she was definitely hiding her worry and concern very well….. I say, oh I looked and it seemed that the latch probably wasn’t working so she should look at that. Ok she says. *Shake my head*

The neighbor lady says how sweet it was of me to take so much time and effort to help the dogs.  I said “Well, I would just want someone to take care of my dogs if they needed it.” She said she was so glad to know someone like me was in the neighborhood and that people like me existed. Well…I’d like to think there are more of us.

The sad thing was that out of all the neighbors I spoke with, none of them had ever seen that German Shepherd before. So he must not get out much. That makes me very sad. I can tell you, every person within a few block area knows where the huskies live. They may not know my name, but they know me as the husky lady and always see them on their walks and in our yard. And I recognize that not everyone gets as much time to spend with their dogs as I do but I think it’s weird that your neighbors have never even seen him?? But I guess not for me to judge. The dog seemed happy and he was very sweet.

The funny thing about it all was that about 5-6 years ago I was walking the huskies down in that neighborhood and a little chihuahua was running all around. Now, trying to corral a little dog with 2 huskies – not going to happen. But I was able to chase him into THE SAME YARD. And no one was home then either. But a neighbor was outside and I asked him and he said yes, that was their dog and that he got out a lot. He said he would go and look at the gate. Clearly, these people have learned no lessons.

I walked home and the huskies were in the yard both looking out and waiting for me.  And then gave me kisses when I came in. Awww… Who am I kidding – it was dark, that meant dinnertime and I was late! :) I was gone about 1.5 hours!

I think I can skip my stepper tonight. That was a lot of jogging. I think a glass of wine after I make the buds dinner (cooking right now!) and take a shower (got so sweaty!) and hope that the lady fixes her gate.