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He came in and stared at me. This meant “give me dinner!” So I went and made the huskies their dinners and gave them to them. Angelus started eating his right away. Storm sniffed his. I told him that he had to eat it or no after dinner treat and I walked away.

I went back and checked on them and Angelus had finished his. Storm still had not touched his. So I gave Angelus his after dinner cookie as Storm watched.

About 5 minutes later, Storm ran up the family room where I was watching TV. He stared at me again. I asked him if he ate his dinner yet. He didn’t answer so I went and checked. He ran down and followed me. Nope – dinner still untouched. I looked at him and told you need to eat your dinner or no cookie. Then I went back upstairs.

About 2 minutes later Storm ran back upstairs and started at me again. This time standing closer to me so I could really see his stare up close and personal. I asked him if he ate his dinner yet. Still no answer from him so down I went to check…and he ran right behind me. Yay – this time about 2/3 of his dinner was done (most importantly the part with his medicine in it.) So I told Storm to follow me. And he ran right behind me to the kitchen. And then grabbed his cookie and ran outside.

That’s how cute he is. :)