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Stormy had me worried a bit. He’s been fussy with his food/eating over the past couple weeks which is not a good thing. He gets his medicine in his food so he has to eat. So I decided to try just giving him chicken with no dog food. Ate it right up. Very excited about it too. So then I gradually gave him less chicken and more dry food (they both get some chicken or tuna in every meal) to get him back on his regular diet.

Then he started getting fussy again. So I tried more chicken again and he didn’t want that. Wha?? So I made some ground turkey. Ate it right up. Then I mixed that in with his food and he ate it. But then the following day ate a bit less. Then he ate some of the turkey but no nuggets. So then I scooped the turkey out and put it in a separate bowl and he ate all of turkey. But still no nuggets. So I gave him extra turkey to make sure he was getting enough to eat.

Meanwhile, Angelus thinks it is great to sneak in and get all the extra food, nuggets or meat, that Stormy leaves lying around.

I used all the turkey that I made for their dinner last night so I made them some chicken this AM. Storm ate a little but then left it. So I scooped the chicken out into a different bowl and gave him that. He didn’t want. But then he went and ate all of the dog food nuggets in his main bowl. No chicken, just nuggets.

OK, who has trained who here?