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Received my newsletter from Gentle Giant today. Bastards…they know I will buy something!

But I have made a conscious effort to limit my collectible buying to several characters:

Han Solo
Princess Leia
Millennium Falcon
All the peripheral character yet cool chicks they make!
An occasional obscure character (Blue Snaggletooth anyone?)

I always rush to buy the Slave Leia stuff because I imagine all the geek boys drooling and digging around for their credit cards as soon as they see it up for sale an then selling out! (I was wait-listed for the Sideshow Exclusive Premium Slave Leia for months – it happens!)

But this one is pretty darn cool:

Slave Leia bust by Gentle Giant

Slave Leia bust by Gentle Giant

So I pre-ordered her. Not shipping until Spring 2010 so it won’t collide with my other pre-orders (doh!) I think I might need a new shelf though…

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