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Some early Christmas presents for me included:



I don’t even really eat pancakes, but you know I have to try these out this week :) Hysterically, I didn’t ask for these things but 2 different people bought me some form of Williams Sonoma Star Wars cookery. Either they know I love Star Wars or think I should bake more? :) And stupidly I left my Darth Vader apron back at home (that I received from a different friend for a different holiday!)

And I will give the old college try to decorating some Star Wars cookies. I could not find the same colors in frosting anywhere so I was thinking baby pink Star Wars all around – yes? That works right? ;)

OH! I just remembered I also left my Star Wars cookbook back at home. I wanted to make the Chewbacca cookies!!! The internetz must be able to help me that with me here on Hoth without the recipe book…

But why did no one think to buy me the Williams Sonoma CUPCAKE SET???? Holy hell cupcake paper cups with Chewbacca on them!!!!!! Looks like I will play Santa to me for that :)