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I finished watching my Stargate: Universe season 1.5 DVDs this weekend. And then watched the season 2 premiere that premiered on SyFy (still hate that change) this past week.  Loved it!

I discovered this show at San Diego Comic Con this summer. To be honest, I was sitting in this panel from the beginning so that I could see Bones and Big Bang Theory and had no interest in these panels.  But I sat through the Caprica and SGU panels as they were on first.

I started watching Caprica when it first started and well…I did got a little bored. But I think I only made it through the first couple episodes only. And from what i saw in the panel – it gets MUCH more exciting!

I saw the Stargate movie years ago mainly because I love James Spader (and liked it) but never watched any of the shows. But both of the panels at SDCC made me excited to watch the shows! The casts/panelists were very interactive with the audience and with each other and the clips they brought made me want to get into both shows. This is how I got sucked into BSG actually. I went into the panel since Bones was going to follow the BSG one. And the cast was SO great, that I had to start watching it!

I bought Season 1 of SGU and blew through it quickly – it was SO good! And then ordered season 1.5 and I think it took me 2 days to get through it.  I had to see what happened next!  Well acted, well written. I loved BSG and this goes down that same darker, not so happy go lucky path. But not *quite* as dark as BSG.

If you are looking for a really good show to be entertained by but that’s not too many seasons in – check this one one out for sure.

Now I need to get Caprica and try to catch up fast! They were going to start their Season 1.5 in January (at SDCC anyway) but moved it up to October – argh!

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