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Yesterday I placed an order on Amazon. My first since the California sales tax BS for Amazon that went into effect mid-September. It wasn’t a huge order but a few hundred dollars so tacking on another 8.25% tax on that was annoying. I do not blame Amazon for this. They fought this as long as they could.

I already pay WAY MORE in income tax than is my “fair share”. So to then have to pay even more tax to spend the same *leftover* money is so beyond annoying it’s ridiculous. California is so mismanaged it’s criminal. The amount of money wasted in this state is criminal.

A large portion of people do not pay income taxes. Some of those do pay payroll taxes, but a big chunk of that is Social Security and medicare (which is matched by employers – actually more than matched currently thanks to the tax holiday still in place for employees but not employers). But beyond that, they are able to not pay additional income taxes and, in fact, get refunds each year.

In my opinion, everyone should pay the same percentage. You make $100, you pay $10. You make $1,000,000 then you pay $100,000. The “rich” will then be paying more *as they already do* than the non-rich. Or some set percentage that is across the board.

I work a lot. I have worked a lot since I was like..14 years old. I am decently financially successful now. But we have had to worry about our company being successful, making payroll, pay our bills, make deals to keep income coming in, work on holidays and nights and stress when things go bad. So how is that the same as some person who works a 9-5 job who punches a time clock and collects their check and demands a lifetime pension and medical benefits? And has none of those worries or concerns. I should be penalized for working hard? How is this fair? How does this make sense to ANYONE??? France just imposed a 75% tax on millionaires. 75%. How does anyone but a complete psychopath think that is fair?

I could go on and on about how this is so pathetic and unfair and gross. But I won’t, You either already know this and agree. Or you disagree. If you disagree – please move to Russia, Cuba or China and see how awesome those places are.

I love the state of California for its natural beauty. And if my taxes supported the parks, beaches, and border patrol – I wouldn’t mind. But it doesn’t. 2 of those 3 are the first things cut and the last is a constant political football. Don’t even get me started about what it does pay for.

I pay high federal income taxes. I pay high state income taxes. I pay property tax. I pay sales tax every time I go to a store. And now every time I order online? FU California politicians.

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