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So I think I had some kind of weird delayed reaction to my birthday. I usually buy something cool as a present to myself. It’s a habit I started when I turned 21. Ya know…just a couple years ago :) But this year I did not. Just wasn’t feeling it. But then…well…I bought these yesterday:


I’ve been wanting a pair of Manolos for awhile and oddly I do NOT have a classic black pump in all of my closet! A fair amount of other black heels but not this style. Criminal really. They aren’t available/shipping until October but I’m pretty sure I will love them :) Then I will have a new addiction! #oopsie

Then today I bought some jeans, some new Lulu Astro pants and some cute Niner Junkfood tees. Oh! And a dress and some cute exercise t-shirts (and frankly any money spent on exercise gear should NOT count!)  All from the comfort of my home. Internet shopping is bad, bad, bad!!!! And I’ve been SO good too. Not sure what happened – mental break, tumor? But at least I’ll look cute :)

We’ll just wrap it up with a bow and call it all a Happy belated Birthday to me. Yeah…that’s it.

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