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…and BAM – instant anger!

I can’t believe this is even a question: http://news.yahoo.com/australia-surfer-killed-shark-032637135.html

Yes, the Great White should retain its protected status if its population is dwindling (mostly due to humans.) A kid got killed. That is awful. Beyond awful for him and his family and friends. No doubt. No question.

BUT – he knew the risk of surfing in what is considered the most dangerous area due to sharks. People had even seen the shark there over the past few days. So really, whose fault is that? When I hike deep into the woods, I know that I can run into a bear. I try not to (well, that’s not entirely true) but I am fully aware it can happen. And have told my husband & friends that if by some bizarre chance I am mauled by a bear – it was not the bear’s fault and to make that clear to everyone. I went walking into his house. I was aware.

Humans can’t keep manhandling the planet and expect it to survive. Man hates the fact that there are equally (and let’s be real without guns more so) powerful predators who are on the top of the food chain. They tend to stay away from humans unless confronted. Humans tend to search them out to hunt and agitate. And love to destroy them. Humans kill for pleasure. Animals to survive. Who is more highly evolved again?

Humans really needs to knock that crap off.